Matsema Technologies

IT Managed solutions

We have the skills, resource to manage, optimise your network, analyse security threats & other IT services.

Network and Security management

Focus on running your daily operations that makeup the core of your business and let us manage your network and prevent security threats.

Managed LAN

We help you manage your network connection, including setups, support, monitoring and check for faults.

Managed Networks

We help you design and implement your connection network, including WAN and LAN. We ensure maximum performance.

EndPoint Security

We help any kind of organisation prevent security threats by implementing endpoint security that supports every endpoint from every remote device.

Perimeter Security

We help organisations prevent security threats by implementing perimeter security against malicious activities.

Managed Security

We use perimeter security to implement defence measures against threats and safeguard your entire organisation.

More IT Managed Services.

Data Assurance Services.

Digital Faxing Solutions.

Enterprise Systems Management.

IT Continuity Services.

Mainframe Services.

Managed Print Services.

Mobile Device Management.

Monitoring Service.

Application Packaging and Deployment.

Desktop OS Imaging and Deployment.

Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Managed Citrix Service.

Managed Directory Service.

Microsoft Consulting Services.

Open Systems Services.

Operations Services.

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