Matsema Technologies

Enterprise solutions

We offer IT products and services from the world's most advanced brands and help you grow your organisation.

Business consulting.

Our experts are here to help you solve your organisational problems, reach your business objectives and goals by providing you with the right products and resources to aid in planning.

Business continuity

We give you the man power to continue with your daily business functions even after an interruption.

ICT Governance

We provide you with resources and the visibility to clearly define process and policies around governance.


We have the expertise to develop a consistent information and communication technology architecture.

ICT strategy

We help you implement a well-defined strategy to manage your information technology resources.

Performance Optimation

We improve your overall business value by using a well-defined strategy to optimise your entire business value.

Information Management

We help you to use information in a productive manner by implementing a well-defined strategy to manage it well.

Resource Planning.

We help you with resource planning and help you build the most effective and efficient systems that will see your business grow.


Using SAP HANA database technologies, we help you build better and more efficient enterprise system.

SAP Hosting

It is time that you leave capex investment for a better suit of services from SAP hosting.

Application Support

Get application support whenever you need it and help your users solve their daily problems.

SAP Cloud

Improve organisational operations by using SAP cloud services and get the benefit of cloud efficiencies.


Expand your operations and grow your business by implementing more effective enterprise solutions.

Technical Support

We provide you with the technical support that you will need when you implement SAP enterprise solutions.

Custom solutions.

We understand that every organisation faces different problems, that is why we provide solutions that are designed to meet your business requirement and help you keep up with the market.

Human capital

We help implement the right systems, processes and make sure that your human capital adds to your business value.

Learning solutions

We provide you with learning solutions that will improve your staff performance and business growth.

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